How it all started (Part 1)

To be completely honest, I have no idea where i’m going with this blog. Its 23:46, the flat is quite and i’m sitting here procrastinating. I should be working on a final report for some UCIS due in tomorrow at midnight, but instead, I decided that that could wait. I mean who cares right? Its not like its worth 15% of your first year in Uni. Or maybe I should rewatch those lectures on Op-Amps, seeing as I have labs on Tuesday where I will most probably require that knowledge.

Nah, fuck that.

So i’m going to tell a story. The story of how a Big Fat and a Small Grey met. To the world at large, it might not seem like an interesting story, but its a story that I love, so yeah, here we go:

Rewind about a year and a half. Final year of highschool at an international school in Qatar. 4As in my AS examinations and the final year looked like it was going to be pretty easy. I was one of those naturally gifted and smart kids. Not trying to brag but I could be clowny in class and do no work whatsoever and still do well.

This made me ridiculously cocky. And judgemental of others who weren’t as smart as me. Oh, nearly forgot to mention that I had a massive ego, which was continuously fed by the teachers telling me how smart I was. In short, I was a smart kid who was a massive asshole to other people.

At home, I had made a promise to myself that I would try and make this final year a good one. No arguments with my parents, do what they say, generally be a good son. That didn’t go according to plan.

So while all this is happening in my life, theres a girl. Her name is Emily, and being the dick I was, I had sort of ignored her, not because I disliked her but just because I was too busy trying to be a cool guy and trying to fit in with the cool kids and stuff. I was an egoistic-wannabe-cool-kid who was trying too hard. We had had the odd conversation every now and then in the corridors or on Facebook, but these were borne out of necessity. How else was i going to remember when all the chemistry exams were? So essentially, I had been a bit of a dick to her.

Anway, one day, me and my friends went to a shisha cafe and having recently turned 18, got our first LEGAL shisha smoke session. Wow pretty cool right? So we’re sitting around smoking shisha, talking about inconsequential stuff, and i’m scrolling through Facebook and I see Emily’s profile picture pop up in the newsfeed and I stop for a second.

Shit she got hot.


Now before everyone gets all judgemental and thinks “Wow you really are a dick, you are the definition of an asshole, you only started talking to her because she was hot now?” , I just want to say, in my defence, I had tried to talk to her before, as previously stated, but she always cut the conversation short. Like an example conversation would have gone something like this:

Me: Hey!
Her: hi
Me: Lol do you know when the chemistry test is?
Her: yah its next tuesday
Me: Have you revised?
Her: no, im going to fail :(
Me: Same, i havent revised yet ggwp
Her: Aufar your smart your going to be fine
Me: yeah i know lol
Me: ez
Me: *Insert something dumb which isnt even worth replying to tbh*

And then she wouldn’t reply. Like conversation ends abruptly. In hindsight, the line “yeah i know lol, ez” isn’t exactly the best thing to say to someone worried about an exam.

Back to the story at hand, I proceeded to like the picture on Facebook. Duh. Then I returned to reality and chilled with my friends. But I keep looking at my phone every few minutes and then I saw she was online. So i message her, probably something similar to the conversation above but this time it was different. The conversation didn’t end abruptly. Instead, we continued to message each other.

I, following the strict protocol of IM, was waiting 2-3 minutes between messages so as to seem like I was busy having a life or something, but in reality, I would send a message, then drop my phone and twiddle my thumbs as I talked to my friends, then after the time was up, snatch up my phone and send the next message. Lmfao, I was so immature.

Long story short, she was out having a life too, but I think what happened was I kept asking her how to be “Kawaii”, because from my limited knowledge of her, I knew that she had cosplayed before and I assumed that would be the way forward. And miraculously it worked.

I sent this awful picture of me “trying” to be kawaii:


What was I thinking? She was cute. It was worth it. So then she asks me if she can make that her cover photo. Sure, go ahead, whatever, I look retarded but yeah sure.

Holy shit its 00:43, I should go to sleep. I’ll continue this later



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