How it all started (Part 1b)

This is a continuation of Part 1

So she makes that awful picture her cover photo and we continue to talk to each other. We exchange a few silly pictures over messenger and then I call it a night. Can’t seem too eager right?

But over the next couple of days, I started to message her. A few messages like:

Me: Enoloy?
Her: Yeah?
Me: You suck Lol
Her: Fuk u 0h4

Turned into longer conversations. For some reason, she chatted in some strange dialect, where she removed the vowels from words and used really weird spelling. Let me give you an example:

Her: ez pz
Her: 15 in tovtal

And eventually it began to rub off on me too:

Me: Whats wrong? :) :) :)
Her: Youo
Her: ofor why do we alweys type like retards on
fb like look at our whole convo since ever

Me: Bevoz we r kewl, i just got cancer reading our chat
Her: We are cancer
Me: I h8 u :)
Her: h8 u 22

But it was pretty cute to be honest. So it grew from just being a few messages a day to the point where I was constantly on my phone sending a message. Like if I had to be completely honest, the volume of messages sent in a typical day then is probably greater than the volume we send today, and we are dating now.

This continues for like two weeks, and I start getting to know her better and I realized that she was pretty cool. I started to regard her more as a friend as opposed to a girl I was attracted to, since she was smart, funny and easy to talk to. I got along with her, and I really enjoyed having her as a friend. Or “frands”, as we called ourselves.

At this point you might think, “Hey did you friendzone her?” and the answer is no, since I don’t think she was attracted to me. Also, earlier on in the year, I made a promise to myself that I would NOT, absolutely NOT, get into a relationship in my final year of high school. I was convinced that it would be an absolute disaster since we were all leaving at the end of the year and I wanted to save myself from that path of death and destruction.

Then she invited me to her 18th birthday party.


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