Birthdays, Valentines Day & 1 Years

Being a student, I don’t exactly have an abundance of money. London takes a toll on the wallet, since everything is infinitely more expensive here.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have enough money to spend on gifts for my girlfriend. I somehow make ends meet and I try to surpise her with a present every 2 months or so.

However, the next month and a bit will be threatening to my bank balance. On January 30th, my girlfriend turns 19. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to celebrate it with her. I actually have never celebrated her birthday with her as my girlfriend. We only started talking last year, and at her 18th we were not dating, yet. But I still got her a pretty sweet gift. She was cute, so I got her a giant teddy bear.


This year however, I wanted to get her something different. She loves music and vinyls, and since shes moving into her University Accomodation, I wanted to get her something that would be practical as well as nice. 

If your looking for something nice to get your girlfriend, and your uncreative like me, I would really recommend looking on Etsy. It’s a great website for homemade, handcrafted gifts. I browsed around the site for a bit and eventually found things that interested me.

I decided to get her a few vinyl bookends, so she can organize her new (massive biology)  textbooks in her new room.


EDIT: It is now the 30th, and my girlfriend has recieved the present but hasn’t opened them yet. She’s saving it for when she moves in.

After purchasing these, I realized that February 14th was actually just around the corner. Once again, I’ve never had a girlfriend on Valentines day, so I completely forgot about it.

But once again, Etsy came to the rescue. I ended up getting her coasters for her table in her new room. Now your probably thinking, “What’s so special about coasters?”.

These aren’t any old coasters. These are handmade, clay, oven fired coasters which look pretty damn sweet. But what makes them really special is that on the coasters, you can have text from books printed on them.

Now my girlfriend absolutely adores books. Somedays I think she loves her fantasy books more than she loves me. On the other hand, I never read books, unless they supplement my studies, like big, dusty textbooks titled An Introduction to Signals and Communications by some Academic. Pretty boring, I know.

However, I have read some books she recommended to me. Red Rising, by Pierce Brown, was a book I enjoyed. So I took quotes from Red Rising, and several other books and had them printed onto the coasters. I think shes going to love them.


This March, Sunday 6th to be exact, will be our 1 year anniversary. I’m not sure what to get her to be honest. Theres this Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone book with illustrations that she literally orgasmed over, but I don’t think its enough as a 1 year present. I’ll get that in additon to the real present. But I’m stumped at the moment.


(I hope that is the correct book!)

So if anyone has any cute ideas for a homemade gift for a girl who loves reading fantasy books or listening to pop-punk/emo/*insert obscure genre here* music, please, help me!


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