Valentines Day, Update & 1 Year Reunion?

I’ve never actually celebrated Valentines day, ie. I have never been in a relationship on Valentines Day, nor have I ever asked a girl to a dinner date on this fabled day. To this day, the nuances of Valentines Day still escape me.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait another year before I can celebrate Valentines Day with someone I love. For those who haven’t read the previous update, my girlfriend is currently really busy moving into her new place in Melbourne. She’s had to rush around every day, sorting out banks, driving licence, accommodation and hundreds of other things you need to sort out before University starts.

She had been staying at her old house, where they didn’t have an internet connection. Her parents live in Indonesia, where the Dad does civil engineering stuff and builds big buildings and makes lots of moolah $$. The lack of internet meant that she had to rely on her mobile data, so in order to save data, we have been unable to Skype. Its just been 5 to 10 minutes on Facebook call a day, when she wakes up and before she sleeps. But i’m thankful that we could even talk. Its been quite nice hearing what shes been up to, the struggles, the fun parts, and it really makes me feel like I’m a part of her life.

Anyway, today she moved into her halls for real, and she’s had a pretty busy day, moving in, trying to make friends, unpacking everything, all the things I had to do when I first went to University. I understood all this, so I told her we could always have a “date” another time, because I wanted her to make friends and meet the people she would be living with. Nevertheless, she called me on Skype and I watched as she unpacked her stuff and we had our first proper skype session. She said that at 20:00, there was some big hall event, where everyone tries to make friends and get to know each other, so we ended the call.

I had breakfast and was starting to do some work when at about 20:30 Melbourne time (09:30 GMT), I get a call from my girlfriend on Skype. I pick up and there she was lying on the bed, hidden under the covers so I could only see her forehead and her eyes. I asked her why she wasn’t at the event, and she told me that she didn’t go because she felt intimidated by everyone, and she was too shy.

She’s always been a shy, quite girl, the complete opposite of the loud, cocky, egoistic guy that I was. But being with her has made me realize that whenever I was loud and overbearing, people like her felt intimidated. So now I’ve toned down, and I try to be more considerate of others.

So she stayed in the room and called me, and we just called and spent some time together. It was too late in the evening to start a movie, and she was tired from all the moving in, so we just sat there and cuddled (virtually!) Eventually, she fell asleep and I had a 1 hour nap in the middle of the day so we could “Skype Sleep”.

It’s now 16:30 GMT and my girlfriend is still sleeping. Watching her sleep makes me really miss her. Cuddling with her, kissing her, whatever, all kinds of cute shit I do when i’m with her. This 11 hour time difference is hard, but I honestly don’t mind it. It gives me time to focus on work and my own life, and it gives her space to do her own things. It doesnt mean I miss her any less though 😦

However, good news; I will be seeing her this March! Every year, I get travel money from my Dad’s job to go visit the family. The most expensive part of the flight is the flight from London to South East Asia. By using this travel money, I save loads! I also get to visit my parents in Brunei. My girlfriend will also visit her parents in Jakarta, so we will meet up there, just like in the winter break!

  • 23rd March: Fly London To Brunei (Where my parents live)
  • 24th March: Arrive in Brunei, stay overnight with my parents
  • 25th March: Fly to Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • 26th March: Reunited!!!!!

You might be wondering why I’m not seeing her until the 26th. I arrive on the 25th, can’t I go see her then? Well two things really:

  1. I need a day where I sort out an Internship I plan on doing at some Oil Company. I need to go visit the office, sort out documents and do a bunch of paperwork. Possibly an interview.
  2. My girlfriend needs to spend time with her parents. It’s unfair to her mom (who misses her soooooo much) if I show up and essentially steal her daughter away from her. She wants to spend time with Emily as well.

This post turned out quite a bit longer than I expected.  Anyway, I’m pretty excited to see her. When we first started LDR I thought we would only see each other one holiday a year, but here we are. I have a countdown on my phone, let me check.


40 Days! That’s literally nothing compared to when we were separated for 5 months. This will be a piece of cake. And this holiday will I guess be our 1 year anniversary holiday, since we are 1 year on March 6th. Can’t wait to see her!

Edit 1: Fuck that gives me 40 days to get into shape. Trying to bulk up but stay lean so i’ve been counting my calories pretty hardcore recently. Been trying to keep the fat to a minimum so I look shredded as fuark!

Edit 2: lmfao, if that doesn’t work out, my girlfriend says she loves me for who I am and not my body anyway 😛


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